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Associate Principal of Educational Development

Kyle Kleckner


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Oak Grove High School! My name is Kyle Kleckner, and I am excited to be the APED here at Oak Grove at the start of another school year.

There are 720 days of high school - four years with 180 days per year.  While that may seem like a long time, in reality, it will come and go before you know it.  High School is about learning to make good choices - choosing to focus on your studies, on caring for your friends, and on being a positive force in your community.  

Here at Oak Grove, we place a premium on working together to achieve our goals.  Each choice that we make has an impact not only on ourselves, but on those around us.  It is the responsibility of all of our students to always do their very best!  All of our students have the potential to do great things by working hard and staying focused.  

I look forward to meeting all of you, and I encourage all of our parents to stay involved.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or anything you may need.  

Go Eagles!  

Kyle Kleckner

Associate Principal of Educational Development

(408) 347-6540


University of California, Los Angeles

  • Major in Political Science
  • Minor in Gerontology

University of New Orleans

  • Master’s Degree in Education Administration


  • Assist with the improvement and evaluation of instruction and curricula
  • Preparation of the master schedule
  • Evaluation of certificated and classified personnel
  • Supervision of data processing services
  • Assist the principal in all areas of the instructional program, including interpretation of test data, curriculum development, and evaluation of programs and instruction
  • Coordinate articulation program with middle schools and the community
  • Coordinate testing, summer counseling, summer school, and home teaching